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A La Carte’

Because we believe your wedding should be EXACTLY what YOU want, we offer the following items that can be added to any of the Wedding Ceremonies. If you desire something extra that is not listed, please let us know and we will try to find it for you. This is your Special Day and we want to ensure that it is exactly as you envisioned!

Pricing available upon request.

Seating - Additional White Resin Chairs with Padded Seats are available in three options

Satin Sash
(Your Choice of Color)


White Cover with Satin Sash
(Your Choice of Color)

Optional Ceremonies - The following ceremonies can be added to any of our wedding ceremonies.
(Note-The Unity Sand Ceremony is included in A Sea Breeze Ceremony!)

Unity Sand Ceremony (Couple Only or Couple with Children)


The Unity Sand Ceremony is a beautiful ceremony symbolizing the blending of the lives of two people (couple only) or two families (couples with children).


The Unity Sand Ceremony is usually done after the ring ceremony and before the declaration. A keep-sake container for the sand is included in the price of this ceremony. Since the Town of Edisto Beach does NOT allow any glass on the beach, this container is made from high grade acrylic. The top is accented with a sea shell from Edisto Beach. A personalized sand dollar is tied with raffia around the container.

Shell Blessing Ceremony

  • The Shell Blessing Ceremony appeals to couples who want to include their love ones and friends in the blessing of their union. As guests arrive, they are given a seashell from a decorated basket. Guest are asked to hold the shell in their hand during the wedding ceremony and place their blessing for the marriage on the shell. At the end of the ceremony, everyone follows the bride and groom to the edge of the sea to throw their shells into the ocean. As the ripples from the seashells dropped into the ocean touch and intertwine, the blessings are passed to the union of the bride and groom.
  • In addition to being a very touching ceremony, it also offers a GREAT photo opportunity with the Bride, Groom, and all their guests at the edge of the ocean tossing their seashells with their blessings for the couple into the surf!